Minion Types

Posted by – October 24, 2013

It appears there are at least 3 tier levels of minions.  You start with yellow, they are the basic.  After doing enough tasks you then get auto leveled up to red dressed minions and finally I just leveled up to a purple tier minion.  I’m not sure how much more effective some are than others, but it keeps saying they are less useless.


 Has anyone gotten a higher tier minion yet?

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  1. darkdemon says:

    I take it you have access to the beta forums?
    All the info on minions is under the Game guides section.

    There are 5 leves of minion, and the more upgraded they are, the more their special trait effects things. For instance, the “Honesty” trait means the minion generates more gold when doing missions, the more upgraded, the more gold he makes.

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