Beta Invites

Posted by – October 23, 2013

In the event that Rebellion let’s the current beta testers for EGO invite others I thought I would start this thread.

If you would like an invite please post it here.

As I get extra invites to invite others to the beta I will send them out in the order received.

3 Comments on Beta Invites

  1. RomanKryger says:

    Greetings, dear great game developers, please give me an invite, please or Maximilian will be upset!!!PLEASE INVAITE!!!!!!!!!

  2. Teo Vuković says:

    I stumbled upon this sequel accidentaly and I am glad I did. I still play first first game. So, please, if you can and if I am not late, send me beta invite so I can participate somehow while you are developing this great game.


  3. JustO In Time says:

    Yeah for sure would love to get invite, Love the Original and just been playing today in fact that what’s prompted me to look to see if number 2 is finished. screen shoots look awesome can’t wait for EG Online to go live.

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